Princess Diaries

The New Normal

The age old question seems to be, when will I be available to work again? And the answer is neither simple nor straightforward, but, I have a semblance of an answer for you, that seeks to detail what you can expect from a professional BDSM session with me in the coming months. 


As you will likely have noted from my relative absence from the world of kink / social media, I have transferred myself to the south of England of late to help with my families needs, until I am no longer in routine contact with my elderly family members who are shielding, I will not be returning to work. 


Due to the increase in the level of hygiene and similar issues, I will solely be taking sessions of 1.5 hours or longer, with a preference to 2 hour + meets to make it financially worth my while, equally, my availability will be heavily limited to aid in the promotion of safety and minimising risks. I will not be taking any outcalls to hotels or similar, and will not be travelling by public transport to any meetings. 


The following changes to procedure have been ran past health professionals in my private life to ensure best compliance with best practice:


Things that affect you: 


  • You will have to sign a waiver detailing that you are not currently showing symptoms of COVID-19 and to the best of your knowledge have not been in contact to somebody with the disease in the last 14 days.
  • upon entering my play space you will strip, and place all of your belongings into a sealed bin, and you will not have access to them until it is time to leave. 
  • All play must be preceded by a hot shower with soap and water, this is to ensure you are as clean as possibly during a session. 
  • You will be given a face mask to wear during our session, this is a result of the government restrictions dictating face masks must be worn where 2m of social distance cannot be complied with, such as a BDSM session. 
  • I will not be engaging in spit play or close quarters breath play using my body due to the risk of droplets transmitting COVD-19. 
  • I will require your full legal name and a contact number and email, this is to ensure I can reach you through contact tracing in the event there is a risk of contamination / infection. 
  • I will politely ask you not to take public transport to a session with me due to the increased risk of transmission of the disease through such forms of transport. 
  • I will take your temperature on arrival with an infra-red thermometer and your session will not take place if you read an above average temperature. 


Things I will be doing to ensure our collective safety: 


  • I will only be working from premises which have increased sanitation to an adequate level for a pandemic, and from my private playspace, my sanitation routine will be increased, and gags and hoods will not be available to be worn, due to the impeding of the ability to wear a mask with a gag. 
  • I will be taking my temperature before each session and I will make you aware of what that is upon your arrival. 
  • I will be wearing a mask and disposable gloves during the entirety of any session activities. 
  • After every session any clothing worn by myself will be sanitised and washed on a hot temperate, with leather, plastic and latex items washed and decontaminated. 
  • All waste produced will be removed from the premises after each session in order to limit possibility of exposure to pathogens and cross-contamination.