Secret Diaries


Here I list 3 testimonials from subs who have seen me in the past week, if you are looking for a Dominatrix in Edinburgh, and are curious about what I might be like, have a read and see for yourself what my subs say about me when I’m not looming over them with a whip:


From the first communication Princess Bella was nice, welcoming and you could tell she enjoyed what she does. In meeting her this was confirmed, she has a warm friendly demeanour and was professional yet playful throughout. At the beginning she took time to help me feel comfortable, establish what would be okay and at the end of the session took time out to talk about the session and check in with me. All of these are reasons I have been back to visit the Princess and will continue to do so. Princess Bella is truly a boon to the community.


I’ve been a BDSM-obsessed kinky-bugger-cum-submissive for approximately 24 years… the same length of time as Princess Bella has been on the planet! In that time I’ve encountered countless Mistresses; some memorable, some less so. It has taken a 24 years quest of experimentation, trial and error to find somebody who, quite simply, could be my Domme-soulmate.

I won’t describe looks or skills or personality or services as many reviewers might choose to do.  That would be a disservice to you, the reader.  Take it as a given that She has fine qualities aplenty.  She is definitely more than the sum of the parts – you’d be hard pressed to find a more well-balanced and rounded Domme out there.  Rather, what I think is more beneficial is to describe the feelings you get as a submissive or kinkster when you find ‘the one’ and to encourage you to seek out somebody who you can build a positive and lasting Domme/sub relationship with.  

Whether you’re seeking your first experience or your 100th – finding a Domme that suits you is tricky.  It may take several attempts, or in my case 24 years.  Sure, you can always find a one off experience that makes you feel good.  But how long does it last?  Be honest – do you really feel a connection or do you yearn for something more?  Do you have goosebumps that last or memories that fade with the marks? 

Maybe Princess Bella might be the one to make you constantly feel alive, crave the next adventure and keep a constant watch on your inbox ‘just in case’?  Maybe she’ll be the one to take your sessions to the next level?  My thirst for all kinds of kink is endless – there’s little in the world of BDSM that doesn’t at least float my boat a little.  As such I have a constantly evolving need for adventure, excitement, creativity and surprise. My sessions with Princess Bella have sated my appetite with helplessness, humiliation, pain, sensory overload and many devious devices interwoven with constant sexual tension.  The possibilities seem limitless and there’s always a spark of excitement and a glint in the eye.  Is this what you crave?

It’s your life, your happiness, your philosophy on kink, your choice.  I can only suggest – but if you are seeking a true World-class experience provided by an exceptional Domme then you’d be foolish not to visit The Princess of Edinburgh to see if She’s ‘the one’, ***your*** one.  Until you find the Domme-of-your-dreams you’ll simply not know what it means to fall for somebody utterly magical.  For me that is Princess Bella.

Myself in Latex before Torture Garden Edinburgh,


Booking my first session with Princess Bella is the best decision I’ve made all year…

I felt nervous about hitting the send button on that first email. Because up until that point, I’d only ever explored my kinks by myself. But after purchasing a few of her clips, seeing her in action, and getting a taste of her enchanting personality, I knew I just HAD to meet her in person.

And once I did, all my nervous jitters quickly faded.

That’s because she’s as equally caring as she is sadistic.

After having a quick chat, she immediately put me at ease… before strapping me down to a spanking bench, and taking my mind to ecstasy with the most incredible beating I’ve ever had in my life.

That was 2 months ago…

Since then, I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the Princess in her dungeon 2 more times, where she’s fulfilled many of my perverted fantasies, which I had only ever dreamt of before.

She’s whipped my bum until it’s red raw… tied me down and pissed all over me… and pounded my ass with her strap-on making me moan like a little sissy…

… And I’ve loved every second of it!

But more than that, Princess Bella is SO much more than just a world-class Domme.

She’s intelligent, has a wicked sense-of-humour, and perhaps most unique of all, she possesses an incredible level of empathy.

It’s a rare gift.

And it enables her to get a true sense of how you’re feeling during your session, so she can push you to the very edge of your limits, where that blissful combination of pleasure and pain exist in their purest forms.

What’s more, I was delighted to discover Princess Bella takes great pleasure in developing deeper relationships with her regular Submissives who she gets along with.

I’ve already been fortunate enough to treat her to a fancy lunch, which was a blast!

… And I’m now pleased to say her domination over me is increasingly seeping into more and more areas of my everyday life.

It’s truly divine, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Long story short:

Princess Bella goes above and beyond what I’d ever expect from a Dominatrix. And I’m so happy I sent her that first email 2 months ago.

So, if you’re ready to bring your femdom fantasies to life, do yourself a favour and book a session with Princess Bella, now.

It may just be the best decision you make all year, too.