Spanking & Corporal Punishment in Edinburgh

corporal-punishmentWhilst my looks may be deceiving, I am an established and well practised corporal punishment administrator!

One of my personal favourites

Whilst my style of domination leans more towards allowing myself to giggle at you and not taking myself too seriously, be under no illusion that I’m anything but a strict and severe CP player!

More than competent with paddles, crops and floggers I will warm up your arse with gentle repeated strokes, and then I will line up for cane strikes! I’m well practised with: paddles, straps, floggers, crops and canes, I am also in the process of learning to use my handmade, one of a kind pink signal hybrid whip!

My whip is definitely for serious masochists only though as it causes extreme pain and leaves harsh marks!

I cater to all experience levels, and always tailor suit CP experiences to suit each individual clients, from a session suited to someone who does not desire marks, to a session for a hardcore masochist who wishes to be restrained and forced to endure a strict caning, I really am multi-talented when it comes to CP!

Get in touch now to book your corporal punishment session, prepare to be put through your paces and to have your behaviour thoroughly corrected!!