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So You Want To Be My Slave…

It likely won’t surprise you to learn that I get a large number of emails and messages on twitter from submissive males asking, nay demanding, for me to let them be my BDSM femdom slave. Naturally, as a Professional Dominatrix who indulges in BDSM as a D-Type and broadcasts my lifestyle across the internet, I suppose you could say it comes with the territory. Routinely, you will see people, including myself, laughing off these requests, after all, I’ve quite probably never met you, and frankly, what is in it for me? But for once, let me indulge this question, let me treat this without bias and resent, and instead, lets delve into this question, So you want to be my slave?

Getting ready to be a dungeon monitor at Edinburgh Torture Garden!

Firstly and fore-mostly, I don’t make a habit out of taking on personal slaves, whilst I have a number of relationships with my submissive who visit me regularly which could be construed as such, never have I bestowed the honour on someone. Naturally, I am a busy young woman, balancing a masters degree, a business and the usual socialising and dating of a twenty-something. If you expect me to be at your beck and call, latex clad with a whip in hand ready to fulfil your every sexual urge because after all, I am now your Domme, well, I think it may be time for a reality check. 

Lounging, as I should! Work for me, so I can live a life of luxury.

That said, if I was to consider your application, I would have a number of basic requirements that would have to be fulfilled for me to even contemplate your offer, namely:

The basics…

  • We have to have seen each other in at least 2 sessions in the last 12 months, 
  • We have to have a natural connection in play, alongside similar interests, 
  • You have to be able to offer me something, if your email is a list of wants… why send it?
  • You would need to be willing to offer me exclusivity, 

Should your email surpass this fairly basic checklist, you will find your email being paid attention to, this is where I would hope that you would be upfront and honest about what it is you are seeking, alongside an open-ness to listen to what I might be seeking in return. Naturally, requests which are a 3000 word essay on your every sexual fantasy will fall foul of this test, but carefully considered emails, dictating your personal desires alongside what you would seek to get from this Domina / slave relationship will go a long way. 

Finally, and here is the sucker, what can you offer me? I’m not meaning, are you rich and can you buy me a yacht, what I mean is, in what ways will you enhance and make easier my life. 

I mean, I look like the kind of woman you just NEED to submit to, after all.

What do I look for?

Generally, although not only, I look a combination of the following: 

  • Living in the same rough location as myself
  • Willingness to offer yourself for my aid, in lifts / chauffeur services, dinners out, helping me shop for groceries etc. 
  • That you can book at least one session every other month of a minimum time of 1 hour. If I don’t get to see you, from what can we build our D/s relationship? 
  • An offer to cover one of my bills, is also a very polite way to offer service, simple things like my Spotify premium membership, my council tax, and my gym membership, are all bills you could take on board as a means of symbolism towards your devotion.
  • Willingness and desire to take me to, and accompany me to events, where not only will you get to spend time with me, but also display my brilliance by being a well behaved creature. I attend many events, and after all you know what they say, a bitch on a leash is the ultimate accessory for every dominant woman… 
A look that strikes fear into the heart of men… sure you can handle it?

What would be in it for you?

Whilst this list may seem daunting, it is not simply me being a demanding bitch (I mean I am but…), things that I would offer to my owned slaves include: 

  • The opportunity to take me for lunch / dinner without tribute
  • Domestic servitude opportunities not open to those I don’t trust
  • A deeper relationship and access more into my ‘normal life’, perhaps a peek into what goes on outside of the dungeon! 
  • The honour of being collared and owned by the baddest bitch in Scotland! ;P. 

So ultimately, whilst I may scoff at he barrage of “let me be your slave mistress” messages I receive throughout the week, it’s not to say it’s totally helpless. And, if you’ve read the above and desire to approach the issue, you are obviously welcome to do so, but take heed or forever be at my mercy. Up until now I have felt too immature to take on the responsibility of ownership, but as my 24 year on this earth is now upon us, I find myself willing, and dare I say desiring, to take the next steps in my journey as a Dominatrix. 

Until Next Time:

Princess Bella