Edinburgh Dungeon BDSM Sessions:

I generally take sessions in Edinburgh Monday – Saturday 11am-8pm, but my schedule often dictates my availability is less flexible than this. Regardless of this, I am at a place where I prioritise regular submissives who have shown loyalty to me over the years, or longer bookings (of 2hrs or more). I will still see new submissives, but please do give me a advanced notice and be understanding if I cannot see you immediately.

All of my sessions are tailor made to your exacting specifications, designed to push you whilst remaining within your expressed limits. There is no one-size fits all approach to Domination, and I pride myself in offering a bespoke service committed to ensuring my submissive’s get the most out of their time with me. It truly matters to me that you leave my play-space thinking, WOW!

Dungeon-Session Rates Structure: undertaken in a fully equipped BDSM dungeon

1hr – £150

2hrs – £250

3hrs – £350

4hrs – £450

Domestic-Session Rates Structure: undertaken in a lightly equipped domestic setting

1hr – £130

2hrs – £230

3hrs – £320

4hrs – £400

Longer sessions and Double sessions can easily be organised and pricing varies on different factors, get in touch for details.

For ALL sessions with new clients a deposit is always taken, I do this to preserve my time and sanity, and these are entirely non-negotiable. If you honestly think I am going to ruin my reputation and entire standing within the BDSM community for your £30, maybe it wasn’t meant to be…

In addition, I offer filmed sessions, where I will light, film and edit your BDSM experience with me, and provide you with a copy of your experience for your own personal enjoyment. Costs for this vary on a number of factors, but vary from a £30-£60 supplement to your session depending on duration and level of editing desired. Get in contact for more in-depth quotes.

Location, Location, Location!

I primarily take sessions at my Edinburgh Dungeon, Maison De Debauch, a small but delightfully well equipped dungeon with a stunning gothic aesthetic.

I take sessions, every few months, in Birmingham, in a beautiful and incredible play space 20 minutes north of the city.

I visit London most months, where I am predominantly available for domestic sessions in the capital.

I occasionally visit Bristol, where I am available for sessions at the stunning playspace House Du Croix, a well established dungeon in the heart of the city, and the place where I began my journey into professional domination.

In addition, I often can be found in various cities across Europe, and am available for a ‘fly-me-to-you’ situation.

For more information on my availability follow my twitter account for up-to-date information as to my whereabouts.

Services & Kit

Instead of providing an unintelligible list of activities I engage in, what you need to know is that I am a professionally trained professional Dominatrix with many years experience working with people with a variety of different interests, kinks and fetishes. Over this time I have collected and amassed a wide variety of kit and knowledge. I partake in all of the common BDSM activities that you would routinely expect from a discerning professional in this field.

My personal favourite activities range from using my F-Machine Tremblr milking machine to drain my slaves, electrocuting and tormenting my submissive with my Estim 2b electrosex equipment, and using my many sized strap-ons on my slaves to show them who is the boss. I also thoroughly enjoy bondage, tease and denial and humiliation!

The only exceptions to my open mind around kink is everything must be done in private with consenting adult humans, and I don’t engage in traditional sexual contact with my submissives, I don’t do hard-sports / scat, and I do not offer food-play / sploshing.