Secret Diaries

I like to hurt people


I like to hurt people, there, I said it. From the first swipe of the cane leaving a stark red marked line on perfectly bare skin, to the screams in pain as I have my wicked way with your flesh.

I’m an expert at corporal punishment, a dab hand with floggers, paddles and canes, even dare I say it, the single tail. I’m cruel and unforgiving, demanding nothing but the most obedient servitude and dedication to my desire to inflict pain and suffering upon my underlings. Thankfully, I get regular opportunities to stretch my muscles on my boys behinds, delivering over the knee spanks, and harsh punishments that make even grown men cry out in pain. After all, nothing makes me wetter than a beaten and broken boy!

It’s not all selfish sadism though, whilst I won’t deny it gets me going a little, I am dedicated to providing a delicious subspace experience for my submissives, and being bound and forced to endure a lengthy bout of rightly deserved agony is one of my favoured methods. Subspace is a delightful floating through the universe of fetish, a mentality where time, space and arousal combine to create complete submission to my every whim and command. Subspace is likened to a high, a complete endorphin rush, and something that will leave you gasping for more and more and more until you cannot but resist complete and utter submission to my wonderful self.

I’m as competent with a hairbrush or slipper as I am with a cane or whip, and delight in demanding complete submission to my sadistic desires whatever the location. I have a large selection of corporal punishment and spanking tools to both delight you and strike the fear of Goddess into you. Don’t you think it will be arousing to clean the dirt off my hot leather boots before you are turned over and strapped down for a harsh beating by a delightful young lady like myself? After-all, my skills lend to me being somewhat irresistible, unforgettable and down right addictive if you happen to favour the dark arts of sadism and masochism. Play with me, and you will be playing with the most heavenly fires of fetish.

My extensive fetish collection tends to me being able to adopt whatever fantasy you seek to fulfil, from stern head-girl delivering a punishment on the head-teachers behalf, through to the strict and commanding Princess who is so picky with how she beats her slaves she demands to do it herself rather than leaving it up to her judiciary, my experience knows no bounds. Whatever your specific flavour, be sure that the delightful scents of latex, leather, and wood will grace your nostrils along with the slap, crack and twack of my implements ringing in your ears for many weeks after our time together.

I’ve been practiced at corporal punishment for a number of years, essentially since I turned 18, as well as studied the work of many accomplished Domina’s who I am to this day associated with. I am not a fan of much of the corporal punishment flouted where Domina’s take pride in their whip-around and kidney-bashing… I solely practice SSC / RACK BDSM, and will not engage in any play that I am not sufficiently well practiced and trained in.

I take incredible pride in my work as a corporal punishment mistress, in both Domestic and traditional Dungeon scenarios, and I truly believe that it is a rare opportunity where Domina’s are truly experts at their craft, without blowing my own horn, I drive to excel at what I practice.