humiliationI am a massive humiliation enthusiast, it’s one of my biggest passions, I definitely don’t shy away from my desire to put you in your place and I love to watch your cheeks blush in embarrassment from all the filthy disgusting things I am waiting to make you do for me.

I’m well practiced at all levels, from introducing mild embarrassment into sessions to full blown degradation, I excel at all things humiliation. From the schoolgirl who seeks to tell you in explicit detail why she won’t date you, to every girl who’s ever thrown a drink in your face at the bar for being a dirty pervert, I desire to expose your most shameful inner-most desires, and to turn them around and use them against you. I can be quite the manipulative bitch when I want to be!

I will force you to lower yourself to your lowest levels, sucking my heel, taking my strap-on, swallowing my spit, objectifying your body, and I will love watching how aroused you become as you follow my every command. I increasingly adore sissification and watching boys become the slutty girls we both deep down know they long to be… Don’t worry, I won’t tell anyone…

I do not list all my humiliation services as to do so would be impossible! To find out if your specific fantasy is covered you must come to me with your most perverted wants and I will tell you if I can help you achieve them! I’m excited for you to submit yourself to my every perverted wanton desire… lets hope you can handle it.

Some of my humiliation favourites include:

  • Verbal Belittlement
  • OTK Spanking
  • Use of degrading names
  • Mockery, Ridicule and Scolding
  • Pet Play
  • ‘Forced’ ejaculation eating
  • ‘Forced’ penetration of your anus and mouth
  • ‘Forced’ ass to mouth
  • Body worship
  • Privacy Deprivation
  • Discipline enforcement
  • Forced Feminisation & Sissification
  • Sexual Denial
  • Erotic Objectification
  • Forced masturbation
  • Enema play

So if you’d like me to let you experience life under my reign then Contact Me and lets get something arranged.