Secret Diaries

Filmed, Edited, Delivered: Your session filmed for your viewing pleasure:

Have you ever wanted to re-live your BDSM experiences over and over again? Ever wondered what you look like bound in tight inescapable bondage, blindfolded and at my mercy? Or dressed up and at my feet? Or swinging from the rafters as your Mistress pegs you relentlessly?

I’m pleased to now be able to provide an additional service to your BDSM experience so you can have just that! I will film, edit and provide you with your very own BDSM film for your own private viewing pleasure.  For a small tribute supplement you have the opportunity to re-live your experience with me over, and over, and over, and over, as much as your heart desires! 

Princess Bella at the German Fetish Ball in Berlin!

For fetishists and kinksters like us, I totally get that our kinks don’t go away the minute we step our of the dungeon, so I have been thinking of ways to allow people to relive their time with me when you are away from the dungeon. For many of my subs, starring in fetish films is a fantasy in itself, but the realities of daily life often mean they can’t put ourselves up for filming slave positions because they can’t risk being recognised! This is a handy way of avoiding that risk, whilst still being able to see yourself starring in your very own fetish film alongside me! 

Like with all of my sessions, I understand that BDSM experiences are best when they are tailored to fit your specific interests, so pricing for your personal fetish film of your time with me will vary depending on length of session, number of angles used, whether you desire your clip edited together or raw, alongside many other possible factors. But, I expect pricing to vary from as a little as £30 for a shorter session tidied up and sent over to you, up to £80 for a multiple hour session edited together. These quotes are in addition to my basic session rate.

I film in HD-1080p (with the option of 4K) and edit using either Davinci or iMovie depending on the project I’m working on. My main camera is a Canon 250D using a 18-35mm lens, with the option of additional angles captured using my Powershot or 1080p webcams. Sound can be recorded through my camera or separately using a microphone.

If you are interested in adding this experience of being a fetish porn-star to your session just let me know when you get in contact with me to book your session.