An assault on your senses

Be under no illusion, I do sensual as well as I do severe.

Rope bondage is a fascination of mine, and that paired with getting into your head and fucking with your mind makes for a very appealing set of activities for me.

I love nothing more than putting a sub into tight restrictive bondage, forcing him to come apart beneath me as I provide an onslaught of sensations and filthy language.

At the end of the day, I’m no idiot, I know you want to fuck me, and I will use that against you, my soft femininity, my confidence, I’m a femme fatale and I always get what I want.

And I want complete submission.

I’m skilled with electricity, violet wands and estim, I adore pinwheels and nipple clamps, gently stroking your skin with my crop, for someone so mean, I can be so nice!

I love to get inside that mind of yours, to make you beg for my touch, to force you to come apart before me under a barrage of sensations that blows your mind.

Do you genuinely think you’ll be able to keep your wits about you gagged and blindfolded, bound to a bed with your nipples pulled out in front of you, cock and balls tied up, my tits hovering over your face and my nails digging into your skin?

Yea, I thought not.

Book a tie and tease sensory overload session now experience my more sensual side!