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10 Things Dominatrices Don’t Tell You But Want You To Know:

1) Yes we notice the poop.

“I’m clean” you proffer, before I slide it in to your butthole for a delightful fucking.  Only 10 seconds later the smell hits me and I see my favourite dildo coated in a thick chocolate sauce… we notice… we’re just too professional and polite to make you feel uncomfortable about it. Enemas are hygienic; if you can’t do one yourself ask; and we will do one for you! We’re nice like that, see? And let’s not pretend enemas are not an erotic experience in themselves! Especially when administered by a Domina as hot as myself… 😛

2) We really don’t mind if you can’t cum, but we do mind if you try to stretch out your hour long session into an hour-and-a-half.

We get it, we’re women. To reach an orgasm for many of us requires an extreme level of focus not unlike that of a ninja, one distraction and we are back to square one. As a result of this, we understand if you can’t reach orgasm, and we certainly won’t be disappointed or upset or angry as a result. If it’s not working, just say, and we will very politely move on. After all, we are BDSM practitioners, not judgemental need-you-to-cum practitioners. Personally, I’m here because I want to make you submit to me and enjoy the thrill of power exchange. 

Princess Bella and Mistress Inka

3) We really won’t be offended if you don’t return.

We understand that not only is BDSM a specific taste, but also that individual relationships are vital. I am very lucky to have some very positive relationships with my subs which I sense will soon be moving towards a place of full ownership by me. I only offer that to my boys who can uphold a decent conversation with me and who genuinely interest me. As a result, we understand that it’s not for everyone, and that different folks do indeed enjoy different strokes. Finding a Domme who really meshes with you and connects with you is delicious, and we won’t be offended if you don’t think we are the one! A short note explaining that it just didn’t click for you and wishing Me well would, of course, be appreciated.

4) We are here to provide you a “stick”, but don’t try to dangle a “carrot”.

We frequently hear things like “oh if only you’ll do this, I’ll share my wealth / house / everything with you” or “I’ll take you on holiday”. Saying these things and offering yourself up in such away frankly comes across as pathetic and deceptive. We don’t want your millions (should you even have such a fortune.)  Neither do we want to be whisked off on holiday by someone who is being manipulative. We want you to pay a deposit, show up on time, and not be an asshole. I’ve had to make some very difficult decisions to cut out subs who try to dangle carrots to make me act a certain way. It is my way or the highway I’m afraid boys, and no amount of empty promises will change that. 

Princess Bella with Mistress Inka

5) We know you know face-sitting doesn’t mean licking my vagina. 

It might seem trivial, but honestly face-sitting and cunnilingus are two very different acts.  We know that you know the difference.  I see it a millennia of times, the pouty face when the guy pretends to expect me to place my bare vagina down on his lips so he can try to make me cum. Again, don’t try to trick and deceive us, you’re here to serve us not to lick our clits UNLESS EXPLICITLY STATED aha. God you boys try me sometimes :P. 

6) We actually do care about you.

It might seem totally trivial and naive, but in truth, for my regular subs I genuinely do care. I care about you and your emotional state, about your work and family, and about what you get up to. I form relationships with those who come and see me over and over, the more I trust you the more I will let you in. Regrettably, whilst many subs will cry foul play if a Domme retires without warning, we too care about you and want to know you are ok.  It’s fine to move on, but I’d rather I didn’t have to assume you had died only to hear from a friend that you are seeing them now! Some of my subs are also my friends, and I am delighted to chat with them about their vanilla existences.  It is very sad that so many people forget all parties in this industry are humans with feelings. 

Princess Bella with Mistress Katerina

7) We know you talk!

Furthermore, this industry is very ‘bitchy’!  Whilst your privacy outside of the scene is a sacrosanct part of visiting a professional dominatrix, rumours and secrets spread quickly inside the industry itself!  Girls slate of girls, boys slate of girls, and girls slate of boys. It’s a never ending washing machine of drama and frankly it is TIRING. But yes, we expect you to talk to others about us, so don’t be surprised if you don’t learn our every secret in the first meeting or two.

8) We know we are hot! 

We spend hours getting ready before we arrive at the dungeon, applying makeup and becoming your fantasy from the PJ-Clad bed devils we wake up as. We appreciate compliments, but don’t go OTT.  We don’t need to be told over and over that we are hot, we get it! Mirrors DO exist. Compliments are free, tips are better… 😛 

9) We feel your wandering hands. 

Your hands are wandering, trying to grab my breasts and my ass. I won’t disrupt the session, but I likely will tie you down harder. Don’t be a dick y’anno? I’m a professional and I will always act with class, but I’m not here to be groped and I will not see you again if you try to push my clearly labelled boundaries (as dictated on my website). 

10) We know you have just met your dream, but just because we are friendly doesn’t mean we want to date you.

We get it! We know you’ve just met the “girl of your dreams” who will do horrible things to you and exercise their dominance over your male body. However, we just don’t appreciate being asked out.  It puts us on the spot and makes us uncomfortable.  We’re here because we love what we do – and in a professional capacity. To provide a high quality experience using all our abilities and skills takes focus – it’s important you don’t make us feel uncomfortable! We’re flattered, and it’s sweet, but you know we’re not going to say yes! Don’t ruin a good thing!

Welcome to your doctors appointment…

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