Edinburgh Dominatrix : Welcome To My Queendom

I’m a sensual Goddess, an enthralling and experienced Dominatrix, and a strict Mistress based in the city of Edinburgh in Scotland. I am an almighty prick tease who loves nothing more than to delight in watching you want me so much it physically hurts before breaking. and moulding you into my very own plaything.

I’m a highly sexed Domme, I adore being adored. I’m 5’9” with gentle and slight curves in all the right places, all the way from my delicately curved arch of my feet, to the gentle slope of my pert breasts, I was built for this world of worship and royalty.

I understand that being a Dominatrix isn’t something someone simply chooses to become, my journey to becoming the person I am now has encompassed a whole world of learning and embracing aspects of my female sexuality that deviate from the norm.

Whilst am a very sensual and feminine woman, I’m am an alpha woman, thriving most when I choose to use my sexuality to ensnare unsuspecting gentlemen to their demise, there is nothing in this world more pleasing than fucking someone’s mind to the point where they cannot but think of you. I am obsession worthy.

I’m well educated having recently completed a postgraduate degree, always pushing to enjoy new experiences and broaden my mind. Despite the many facets to my personality, I am at my most content when situated within the world of debauchery, my fully equipped playroom will always be where I thrive the most.

Always thinking up new ways to posses every inch of your body and every thought within your mind, I’m highly creative, deeply imaginative and obsessed with finding ways to remind you that I’m the girl that you want, but can’t have.

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