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I’m an Independent Professional Dominatrix, an experienced and well trained BDSM practitioner and Mistress based in the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh. Focusing in on the erotic side of S&M I am at my most enthralled when straddling the arts of the Mistress and the arts of the more traditional courtesan. Whilst full sexual services are not something I routinely offer, the style of domination and BDSM practice that I have settled myself in sit firmly in the fields of the erotic and sensual. Orgasm play, orgasm denial and orgasm control are some of my favourite activities, using the body I was blessed with to torture and tease my submissives, utilising both visiual, audio, and tactition stimulation to arouse and entice. 
You are here because you are looking for a tailor made BDSM and fetish erotic experience made to your description with a beautiful young woman who lives in Edinburgh. I am an Independent Professional Dominatrix because I like to be my own boss, I like to set my own rates, see who I desire, work with my own set of standard and when I want to, I love to embrace everything which makes us human and I have a lust and desire to see the world and see, touch, feel, and hear everything I can. When I’m not focusing on my lust for fetish and Domination, I love to spend my free time eating at exclusive high quality restaurants, travelling around Europe, and wandering the streets of realms far from Scotland and Edinburgh! My availability is often slim because I’m often sat on a plane ready to jet off on another adventure, routinely in Berlin, Amsterdam, Paris, Barcelona, Stockholm, Copenhagen and more! What you want to know is I’m a well rounded well travelled and well educated woman, with a natural and innate lust for domination, fetish, BDSM, power exchange and sexual erotic experiences, and that I’m not just another off-the-peg experience. 
I have an expansive fetish wardrobe utilising lace, latex, PVC, pleasers, boots, and exquisite designer lingerie sets along with an ever expanding collection of some of the finest BDSM kit money can buy, ranging from my top of the range fetters spanking bench, extensive collection of corporal punishment tools, strap on’s and anal play toys, buttplugs, top of the range electric play ‘E-Stim’ power boxes, bondage tables, high quality luxury hemp shibari and bondage rope and a wide range of bondage equipment! 
Escape reality with Edinburgh Dominatrix Princess Bella:
I understand and fully appreciate that seeing Dominatrix, Mistress, or Escort is something of an escape from the realities of the world. I strive to ensure that I’m always at my best for our time together, punctual and visually appealing at all times, I also like to ensure my clients have my full attention during our illicit rendezvous and love to pour my heart and sole into every minute of time I spend with people who decide to taste the finer things in life. I appreciate that my rates are high, but they reflect the experience, and years of practice and investment I have made into my private collection of fetish equipment, I don’t share well (well, apart from in threesomes) and every spare penny gets poured back into my business. I am a highly educated (to postgraduate level) woman who thrives in the company of submissive minded intelligent males, hey, can’t say I don’t have a type. 
Fetish and BDSM activities: 
Trained by some of the UK’s finest Dominatrices and Mistresses, featured on Mistress Sidonia’s world famous English Mansion website, I have an extensive knowledge of the majority of BDSM activities. First entering the darker worlds of power exchange, Dominance and submission at the age of 18 I’ve spent every minute of my adult life lusting after experiences that arouse and surprise. I love throw myself into a wide variety of new experiences and am always desperate to explore the width of our human sexuality. 
Some of the activities I most enjoy engaging in are: Spanking, Corporal Punishment, Bondage, Discipline, Power Exchange, CFNM / Clothed Female Naked Male, Slave Training, Erotic Control, Orgasm Control, Orgasm Denial, Ruined Orgasms, Strap On Play, Anal Play, Anal Stretching, Anal Fisting, Prostate Play, Prostate stimulation, Prostate toys Cock and Ball Play, Cock and Ball Torture, Fisting, Queening, Watersports / Golden Showers and Urinary play, Urethral Sounding, Medical Fetish, Medical Fantasy, Judical Punishment, Caning, Predicament Play / Predicament Bondage, Humiliation, Erotic Humiliation, Degredation, Sexual Degredation, Masturbation, Teasing, Tease and Denial, tickling, forced fem and sissification, Electric Stimulation / Estim, Sex Toys, Vibrators, Edging, Face Sitting, Domestic Servitude, Poppers and Aromas play, Breathplay, Forced Bi, Adding a third party to create a BDSM three-way / threesome, Shibari and Japanese Rope Bondage, Shackles, Heavy Bondage, blackmail, and more! 
I also have a wide understanding of the range of human fetishes, and fully cater for: Schoolgirl Fantasy, Dominatrix Roleplay, Sexy Boss Roleplay, Secretary Roleplay, Taboo Roleplay, Nurse Fetish, Medical Fetish, Latex Fetish, Foot Fetish, Foot Play, Foot Worship, D/s play, Slave Training, Slave Punishment, Full Encasement, Mummification, PVC fetish, High Heels fetish, Corset Fetish, Tights fetish, Lipstick Fetish, ‘Girl Next Door’, Garment and clothing fetish, Boss roleplay and many many many more!